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WhatsApp Store E-commerce Website

We provide an E-commerce website starting from INR 499 per month for businesses or individuals to start their own store online with a ready to use solution. Our WhatsApp Store Website is enabled with WhatsApp Ordering, Payment Gateway and mobile depending on the 3 suitable plans that the customer selects.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown imposed many small scale business in India, and all over the world have been greatly damaged due to no sales. Every business had an opportunity to bring their business online but knowing the importance of online presence many retailers set up online stores. But due to over pricing costs and time for development, server etc. We decided to provide a website with all basic features required to bring their website online at just INR 499 per month.

Shop Owners just need to register based required plan, each plan has its own benefits and needs.

Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software

India's Number 1 selling Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is built by expertised software engineers in Bangalore for over 5 months. The software was launched during May 2019. The WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is simple to use, no technical expertise required, and can send unlimited messages, images, videos. The software can be used from any WhatsApp Number during the time of promotion.

The WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is built with Artificial Intelligence and latest technology to avoid any number being marked as spam or blocking. The software uses whatsapps messaging application like a human interaction taking its own time to send the messages in a faster way. This avoids WhatsApp Server from detecting numbers being used from a software and marking it as spam. Usage has been appreciated by many businesses in India and world-wide.

WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is installable in any latest windows computer or laptop. It comes with at most safety and tested to the best usage to any device. All you need to do is keep an excel sheet ready with customer names, customer messages with text ready to send. Just import the file to software and scan the whatsapp number you want to send. The Software automatically sends to all the numbers with a beatiful robot using your chat to send all messages automatically.

Unlimited messages can be sent using the software, but we recommend sending 600 - 800 at a single time for optimal performance. The WhatsApp Number may get blocked if your customer reports as spam or if you are using any abusive content or any negative related content. In any case you may get a new whatsapp number and send using the same software. We do not guarantee any number being blocked, it is solely the users responsibility.

SAY NO TO SMS MARKETING, use whatsapp. Due to lots of spamming recently no user would ever read an SMS that you have sent during your campaign. So use whatsapp promotion for cost effective and 100% delivery to customers.