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#1 Selling Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software - Digital Shop Guru

Only Software with anti-spamming settings and AI Human Typing Methodology.

Best WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software 2019, 2020 & 2021

WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software by Digital Shop Guru is awarded as Best Digital Interactive Tool 2019 - 2021 & Best European Search Tool Award 2020

India's Number 1 selling Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is built by expertised software engineers in Bangalore, India for over 5 months. The software was launched during May 2019. The WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is simple to use, no technical expertise required, can send unlimited messages, images, videos.

WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software Pricing starts at $29 or Rs. 1,999 Lifetime. This ensures that the Return on Investment is achieved in a month.

Human AI auto sends messages

The WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software is built with Artificial Intelligence and latest technology to avoid any number being marked as spam or blocking. The software uses WhatsApp's messaging application like a human interaction taking its own time to send the messages in a faster way. This avoids WhatsApp Server from detecting numbers being used from a software and marking it as spam. Usage has been grateful many businesses in India and world-wide.

Hey WhatsApp "It's Me Human Typing... 😜"

How Does WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software Work?

Import Phone Numbers

In an excel sheet add your customer names and phone numbers in a specific format. There is no limit.

Create a message

Enter the message about your business or the promotion text you want them to read.

Send Message

The message will be sent to an unlimited number of contacts using our AI Human Robots.

Best features in Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software

Send 1000's of messages

Send 100's or 1000's of messages to known and unknown contacts by just importing Excel into the software. Start sending in just few minutes of time.

Dynamic Message Names

Dynamic names can be used in message like "Hi {Kavitha}, your booking is scheduled at {12th August 2021 1:00PM}".

Multi Contacts Import

Using an excel sheet with names and numbers just import into the software at once, no need to save the contact.

Advanced Features

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies is used to make it Robust and Fast.

Multi-Media Support

Send Images, Videos, PDF's, Links or any other file supported by WhatsApp Messenger to make sure your marketing approach is right.

Windows Support

Currently Support in all the latest windows system, including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Recent Statistics
65,000+ Downloads
182+ Resellers
150+ Million Messages

Reasons Why to Use?

High Customer Reading Chance

Easy Enquiries
Discount Updates
Customer Relationship

Reseller Plans / White Label Plans

Thinking of starting your own BUSINESS? Become a Reseller of our Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software and take commissions or any sur-charge on our price. You can sell our software on our behalf and start your own business. Over 180+ resellers have successfully started their own business by selling our software.

We have 2 Reseller plans,

Standard Reseller Plan: Register with us using our chatbox in this website, our support staff will get in touch with you and discuss the commission percentage and mode of payout after every sale. Please Note the existing brand name will only be used for your sale. If you would like to have your own brand and sell it as your software, please choose the White Label Reseller Plan.

White Label Reseller Plan: The software can be given with you own branded name once you register with us from the support chat. The software will be modified as per your brand and delivered to you within 24 hours. You can then sell the software at your own price. We also provide support as well.


Kiran, Fashion Store

Dhananjay, Education Institute

Rakesh Joshi, Shell Petroleum

Only WhatsApp Promotion Software to Support Multi-Language in English, Kannada, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portugese.

Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software Information

  • How many messages can i send from my WhatsApp Number?

    Our Bulk WhatsApp Promotion Sender Software can be used to send an unlimited number of messages.

  • How long will it take a message to 1000 contacts?

    1 Hour Approx depends of length of message.

  • Can i change my WhatsApp Number before sending message?


  • How many WhatsApp Numbers can i use for sending messages?


  • Should I save every number before sending the message?

    Not required.

  • Can My Number get Blocked when sending messages?

    It may be blocked depending on the content your sending. Do not use any abusive content as we do not guarantee numbers being blocked.

  • Is it legal to send messages to unknown contacts?

    No, sending once is how marketing is done, but sending repetitive messages is called spamming.

  • Is this software legal to use?

    We are not affiliated with WhatsApp. We have just automated a manually done human process to buy a human robot.

  • Can I install this in my Apple Mac Computer

    Currently not supported for MAC iOS devices.

Order Related Questions.

  • Can I use UPI to make payment?


  • When will i get software after purchase?

    Within 1-2 Hours after purchase.

  • Will I get a refund if not working?


Support related questions.

  • Can I call get support assist over call ?

    Not currently only email to

  • How long will the support person reach me?

    Within 12 hours of any working day.

So, Why the wait?